no place

video | free work

In Bos en Lommer, in Amsterdam, where I live, there is a church. A really ugly one. A really cold one. A big one. An empty one. This church was a shelter for refugies. It was a home for refugies. For several months. The refugies weren't at home at this church. But they had no other place to stay. Now the church is empty again. Not because the refugies wanted to leave this cold and ugly place. No. The church is empty because the governement doesn't want them there. They don't want them here. They don't want them anywhere. They want them to leave this country. They want them to go back to their homes. But they have no home.

identity | commissioned

This is my identity. It's simple. It's made of dots and stripes. It's black and white. It's all mine. And I can endlessly play with it!

leids toneel

identity | commissioned

As a student at the KABK I did a lot of stuff I found total non-sense. But I love how the identity turned out I made for Leids Toneel, which is an imaginery theater group.

il treno va a mosca

poster | commissioned

Summer 2013. A friend asked me to make a poster for a movie he produced. They loved the poster, but they never used it. Why? Nobody expected it but the movie was a big succes in Italy. So they needed a real commercial poster. Good for them. Bad for me.

queen andy

photography | free work

Andy worked with me several years ago. We had a boring office life. But I knew he was a queen!

fantastic journey

book | free work

Once, at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) they asked me to design a travel book. I had to write about the trip I made in the past and then to design it. So I wrote about my fantastic life journey. From Sarajevo via Rijeka via Prague via Berlin to Amsterdam. My short life story. A fantastic journey. It's in dutch. Will be translated. I'm looking for a publisher!