tito – revizije muzejske kolekcije

book | commissioned

Collaboration with History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina on a project... read more

makmende for chloé

book | commissioned

Presentation commissioned by Makmende for Chloé read more

elf tapijten

book | commissioned

Book designed for Stichting De Vrolijkheid... read more

framing home

poster | commissioned

Poster for a short documentary on complexities of displacement by a young filmmaker Ivana Barisic... read more

sjecam se

poster | commissioned

Poster for exhibition Sjećam Se /I remember. In this exhibition Bosnian-Dutch youth share... read more

no place

video | free work

In Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam, where I live, there is a church... read more


identity | commissioned

This is my identity. It's simple. It's made of dots and stripes... read more

redesign: open depot

interior | commissioned

A depot is a space for storing and preserving museum materials. read more

aska and the wolf

fashion | free work

I always dreamt of making my own collection of clothing. read more

we breathe yoga

identity | commissioned

As We Breathe Yoga was my own new venture... read more

you are therefore i am

identity | free work

Does a war criminal need a designer? And my neighbor? What would I design for him/her?... read more


photography | free work

Lucija is sweet. And beautiful... read more

leids toneel

identity | commissioned

As a student at the KABK I did a lot of stuff I found total non-sense... read more

il treno va a mosca

poster | commissioned

Summer 2013. A friend asked me to make a poster for a movie he produced... read more


identity | commissioned

Custom made QR code commmissioned for a collaborative exhibition "A0H1LIMB4" read more


identity | commissioned

Thybag° derived from a collaboration with Iva Jankovic & Jana Vuksic. read more

memory of sand

photography | commissioned

Photography for a fashion brand Citoyenne K... read more

birth and death of the universe

video | free work

Birth and death of the Universe is an attempt to illustrate the complexity of our Universe in a most simple way... read more

to the lobby

identity | commissioned

To the lobby is the key to your city... read more

queen andy

photography | free work

Andy worked with me several years ago... read more

fantastic journey

book | free work

Once, at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) they asked me to design a travel book... read more